worry, loneliness & the present

Life is great. (As always I guess.) Right now I’m just sitting at home, listening to Her’s, scanning negatives and drinking coffee. Life is pretty peaceful when you focus in on the present & really nothing else.

Just living, and being grateful for the things around us.

Yes, lately I have been feeling more lonely, but in a different way. Those feelings honestly go away real fast when I get to just spend time with someone. We love to overthink when we’re alone, the void in our mind is suddenly realised and we feel like we need something to fill it up, to make us feel whole again.

But in reality, it’s ok to not feel “whole” because we’re all really like that. Maybe that’s just how we are biologically, always wanting the next thing, always wanting more.

Maybe it’s the paradox of “not enough is enough”, that feeling whole, and feeling enough is by accepting that we are all not whole, and continually searching for something. It isn’t about complacency, it’s accepting the present, taking responsibility for it and moving forward.

Talking to people, especially the ones you love and doing the things you love to do, pulls you back down to earth. It takes you out of the reality of your mind and back into the present. And you realise that, there isn’t anything more real than the now.

Take your time, and believe in yourself.

Love and peace