letting go

When will you let go?

The shackles of your heart

weighing you down

sinking constantly

the feeling of something

of loneliness

of isolation

of fear.

When will you let go?

and set yourself free.

(27th dec 2019, 23:04 ish)


Are we having conversations or are we just pretending?

shouting, until we agree

Are we even talking? Or communicating anything.

Or are we just screaming at nothing and pretending to understand

to get along

just because it’s convinient.

Does what I say make sense?

or are you even listening?

Is what I say worth it?

or should I just go away?

The sky is blue.

(27th december, 2019. 22:57 ish. have a safe holiday season, and life y’all. love & peace.)