perspective, tunnel vision and letting it go

It honestly is being able/ getting to hangout with people, dance & talk is a great feeling. There honestly isn’t much to worry about when you’re just dancing & taking life 1 step at a time, having fun.

After talking to David, it really felt like there is no need to rush & to tunnel vision/ see things in a certain way. Having that stubborn, closed minded way of percieving things isn’t exactly healthy (or isn’t healthy at all.) You just gotta let things be and let ot play out, chasing after the next thing & thinking about what next to achieve, but doing the things you love, see what’s around you, and taking it day by day.

No rush.

I guess the way I percieved things (even shit like capoeria or budhism or dance event & studio), I was really closed minded on what it should be and “it has to be this way” I should (and will) just let things go and let it be. Rather than chase something, spriting… Relax, and let things happen. Patience… I guess.

Love & peace.