getting caught up in the small things

Recently it’s been okay. Was dancing w/ yuki and daniel on Saturday & I didn’t feel so good. I guess with the many things in life (even when it comes down to writing down my dreams/ blogs/ advice & all that shit), I still “expect” myself to fulfill a certain threshold, whether it be self expressing or being able to “do”, something… I just gotta learn to let go. Because it ain’t about fulfilling a check mark, or having expectations on being somebody. You just be.

I’ve been really caught up in the small things. The tiniest human interactions I’ve had, not writing in shit or just things that don’t matter. Getting caught up in what other people think about others or how I want to perceive myself. What’s “integrity” or the “things that I want to do”. Losing your mind in these things… at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve forgotten (and just need to remind myself as many times as needed), to just appreciate the living moment, the present. That being alive is already 幸福 enough….

It’s okay to get caught up, to get lost… it happens to all of us.

Just take a deep breath, and keep on moving

(love and peace)