shame, guilt

Sometimes, (maybe too often), I feel shameful for my current situation. For not doing anything, for feeling like I’m not progressing… and that’s pretty much about it. I feel guilty for the same things too.

In reality, there’s not alot to feel shameful about, then why is it such a big part of my mind?

A certain part of it is the expectations that I have for “myself”, that I should be X or Y.



“not feeling like I hate myself everyday”

These things don’t really exist, there isn’t a strict guideline in our life, or a certain way that we have to live it, then why do I feel shame?

Is it the way that I want others to see me? Do I feel shame for not living up to others’ expectations (which there are none), or do I care too much about what others’ think?

At the end of the day, none of these things matter, or exist really. Don’t beat yourself up over something you haven’t done, or done in the past. The way others perceive you doesn’t matter. Just live, and be. (Sometimes the expectations you have for yourself are just a construction for the ego to survive, to have an “”identity””)

love and peace.