i dream of a world where we can all be happy
i dream of a world where we can accept each other because of our differences, and not fight because of it
i dream of a world where we can call every person walking on the street our brothers and sisters
i dream of a world where we don’t trick each other
where we don’t extort others for money, or ruin others’ lives

that world is so close yet so far. and it doesn’t even seen achievable sometimes

when you hear the news and stories of others suffering,
even when you see the peace you wonder to yourself

“how long will this last?”

“i hope it lasts forever”


being patient with myself is something I struggle with a lot.

I beat myself up, wishing for more, not wanting to settle.

Wanting to change my circumstances into something better.

It’s okay to want something better, but getting mad at yourself or the people around you doesn’t help.

Having patience means being able to wait for the things around you.

Accept things for the way they are, and change them if necessary.

It doesn’t mean being stagnant about it, in fact it’s the opposite.

Being okay with waiting, to take your time and to go slowly and carefully.

No rush, no pause.

Make the thing; world peace.


two Ls make a W.
Sometimes, Ls lead to more Ls
loss, love, learning, living.
It just takes time to notice, or was not seen initially.

Life’s not about Ls and Ws,
not black and white, grey.
There are infinite inbetweens and possibilities.
So take time, and try to notice and create them.

loving, learning, living awareness.

world peace.

being lost, as always.

Being lost fucking sucks, it does.
You have no idea where you’re going, what you want to do, where you want to go, what you’re doing, anything really.
But as long as you know why you’re here.

It should be okay…. right?

Be sure to socialize, get out and talk to people ok. Pursue your hobbies and most importantly, don’t think too much.

remember to have fun!!!

world peace.

dear friend,

you don’t have to be sorry, I forgive you.

Life’s full of ups and downs, that’s normal as fuck,

we all struggle, we all cry,

but that doesn’t mean you are less important than someone else,

reality is dirty but that’s fine, I’m glad that you acknowledge it.

“I don’t know what I’m doing”, to that I say, I don’t know either.

But you don’t have to know. And that’s the beauty of it.

Infinite opportunities, infinite chances,

but yet we only have 1 chance to be on this earth.

So forgive yourself, and forgive others.

love, be loved and be grateful.

and be sure to have fun.

xoxo, mutually understanding boi. (bloom into tomorrow, I believe in you. <3)

Time is fleeting.

Time is fleeting.
Live everyday as if it were your last.
If you were to say to yourself, if this was the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied? Not only that, but if this was the last thing I would ever do, would I be satisfied?

The answer is often no.

Time is a finite resource in our timeline.
So please, be kind to each other.

And remember to make it count.